Further into the Spider-verse

In 2018, Sony released an animated spiderman film created by fans for fans. It brought to life, in comic book style, the story of Miles Morales and how he became the new Spider-man. Soon he finds out he isn’t the only Spider-man, but one out of several different universes. Miles ends up teaming with five other spider people in order to shut down the “Super-Collider,” a machine opening the door to different universes.

I partnered with two of my peers to create an interactive book created by fans for fans. Our team of three had a goal of a minimum of sixteen pages, with six features across the book, and two months to create it in. Originally we wanted the books to have three sections to focus on: the heroes, villains, family of Miles, and a tribute to the original creators. The book would have intro videos for each character, and a video of the voice actors recording their character. There would also be extra trivia on the characters that go beyond the film for fans to learn something new.

Our team started out by finding content and assets for Into the Spiderverse and other Spider-Man comic books. We looked to make sure we had enough high-quality content with photos, video, and audio. I focused a lot of my effort into finding trivia and information on the characters. Spider-man has over fifty-five years of writers and artists contributing to the franchise. The first issue of Spider-man was published in 1962, since then, Spider-man has been a strong presence in the Marvel Universe. To put it simply, there is a lot of information in the Marvel franchise and anyone can easily get lost in a rabbit hole of over 7,000 characters and the ever-increasing amount of storylines. Especially if you throw in the concept of multiple universes.

Each character of Into the Spiderverse also has a varying amount of information. For example, the original spider-man (world-616 and known as Peter Parker) has several comic volumes, films, and animations released. Whereas, Peni Parker doesn’t even have her own comic series, but does show up as a side character in a few of the Spider-Verse comics.

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